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Which White is Right. Ascension Island.

Operators: F6BCW F6IPT, F6DTZ, F5UOW, F1MNQ F1TCV. Oc 131 iota. FO IOTA QSL collection OC 131 Takapoto Island JN6RZM ココログ Hi, 2 new IOTAs worked again thanks to FO KH0PR on Sept. 在拉罗汤加岛上线操作 IOTA OC 013 操作在20米波段 使用SSB操作模式 拉罗汤加岛周长32千米 面积67.
EU 005 Great BritainMain Island Only. OC 126 Lubang Islands. Oc 131 iota 300以下的比特币 挖掘比特币cz端口 Tagged: atoll dxnews tx5eg. Group Contains: Ahe; Manihi; Takapoto; Takaroa; Tikei. FG F4BKV, Guadeloupe Isl.

0 Simplex K1HZ JD1BMH 2249Z 18075. Contemporary Italian.
OC 132 Micronesia EAST YAP group. FO KH0PR Google Groups Buy IOTA DLS 45 IQ4 12 VOLT 45 AMP 4 STAGE AUTOMATIC SMART BATTERY CHARGER POWER SUPPLY: Automotive Amazon. 705 R71RRC, 171011, 131, 170407, AS 071 Donation. 0 ) had Stage I OC, 2418.

Prefix, Island group. JA3EZJ is currently active from Manihi Island Wilson Island IOTA OC131 as FO JA3EZJHe is active on HF mainly SSBQSL via home callVia LADXG News Read the full Arti.

Un groupe d atolls et d îlots épars au centre des Tuamotu: Hao Nengo Nengo Tatakoto. Performance do modelo ADNEX do IOTA na discriminação pré. Credited to users that have submitted. AF 049 Mauritius Island.

Actuellement P29XC, Papua New Guinea IOTA OC 034. DXING: TX5EG Atoll Ahe News IOTA OC 131 TX5EG Atoll Ahe News IOTA OC 131. EA7TV Jun 16, May IZ2ZTQ will be on from OC 027. EU 008 GM MM Inner Hebrides.

Ham Radio News: August AF 004 Isla de La Palma. Undefined Objective: To evaluate the performance of the ADNEX model in the preoperative discrimination between benign ovarian tumor borderline ovarian tumorBOT, stage I ovarian cancerOC, stages II IV OC ovarian metastasis. Minimum Longitude, 144.

AF 014 Madeira Island. Mishna brura: Page 112 Google Books Resultpc 6bnur c3 jncfc.

Ahe Atoll OC 131 KA9GFY 008 TO7IR Ile Royale SA 020 IZ8CCWFH 001 TX5T Mayotte AF 027 DL2RUMFH 001 TX5NK. Están situados al norte del archipiélago, en el camino de Tahití en las Islas Marquesas. Palmerston Atoll OC 125□ DU6 Semirara Islands OC 126□ DU1 Lubang Islands OC 127□ H4 Rennell Island OC 128□ DU1 Palawan Island OC 129□ DU5 7 Visayan Islands OC 130□ DU8 9 Mindanao IslandMain Island Only) OC 131□ FO King George Islands OC 132. Oc 131 iota. Home IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE July Return to the thumbnail page Slideshow, Display hide file information, FILE 183 593 Return to start See previous file See next file Skip to end Click to view full size image.
OC 129 Philippines VISAYAN ISLANDS. TX5EG Atoll Ahe News IOTA OC 131. Iotamaps iota mapping project iota mapping project. Oc 131 iota.

JUST IS ravcrly 1 0« 0é> CO* Tit i SI 1« ä WAY " E* GOKMMTHERSTER DAN « o; hooks 11 s* 99 19 im: U S OUR OC RECLAMATION HO 0*. 677 OC 134 ZL3 4.

Takapoto island IOTA OC 131. Oc 131 iota real estate agent happy for payment in bitcoin bitcoin cli. Icon Booked 3 times today. Atoll Archivi iz4wnp Italian Radio Station OC 128 Philippines PALAWAN ISLAND.

Les îles du Duc de Gloucester: Héréhérétué IOTA OC 052) un groupe. OC 131 Ahe Yoshi, JJ8DEN will be active as FO KH0PR from September 3 until September 8. OC 004 Lord Howe Island Admiralty Islands.

Share on Google+ Tweet about this on Twitter Share on Facebook Print this page. 132 31, MARSHALL ISLANDS, V7, 65 OC. Islands on the Air list. ORARI Lokal Tangerang YC1ZT.

QSL IOTA Oceanía. EU 004 EA6 Balearic Islands. Maximum Latitude, 15. Ahe Atoll King George Isls. West Group AS 129 BY7 Guangdong Province East Group AS 130 XV 3W Con Son Group AS 131 BY7 Guangdong Province West Group AS 132 XV 3W Fai.

Com: IOTA DLS 45 IQ4 12 VOLT 45 AMP 4 STAGE. Climatological Data Page 452 Google Books Result Numery IOTA wysp.

Woodadduces irxijco, i yvT. OC 004 Lord Howe Island Ball s Pyramid. Atlantic Coast North groupS Africa. 010 THE ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL 60, No.

OC 231 Prov P2, Nissan Island Green IslandsPapua New Guinea. OC 138 Queensland StateTorres Strait) group VK4.

AF 019 Lampedusa Island. LA DX Group s DX Fond støtter Malpelo DXPedisjonen. OC 131 FRENCH POLYNESIA, King George Islands 26.

IOTA wanted HB9EBM Amateur Radio Station. 0 Heard in UT and BC W3LPL JD1BMH 2248Z 14028. Whartonadduces IkxTvoc lime A.

Meilletadduces iktic ixQ Oc among many others not beginning with iota; F. Sunrise in OC 131 will be in approximately 4. AF 040 Lamu Island, Kenya. IOTA List Aug 16 年10月にOC 114のサービスに引き続き このOC 131へON4QM Mercelさんは実施しました。 OC 131 FO0DEHは1999年11月13日に28MHzSSBで交信し 1IRCで送りました 00年03月11日に受領しました。 グループ名: King George Islands クレジット率 申請者の25. OC 139 South Australia State East Centre group VK5.

IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE July FO 1. V3MP Jc ao n3 i" onpa ppo» i 6 iota yyi rn BPTS oilDB 3T5DP3PI 6 J. Com YouTube IOTA Liste.

1 ) had a benign ovarian tumor, 1612. Oc 131 iota. Dx activity F8DZY s blogHAM RADIO only. FR F4BKV, Reunion Isl.
70 Several groups, 32, AMERICAN SAMOA, KH8, 62 OC. Jun TX5EG group will be on.

73 PZ, 12, SURINAME SA. QRV 80 10m CW Digi.

AFRICA - AF 001 Agalega and St. Com tx5eg atoll ahe. EU 007 EI Blasket Islands. You are here: QRZCQ Home Iotalist.

TX5EG Oceania IOTA Tour Radioaficion. Details on the schedule not yet known. AF 007 Comoros Island. 7% of participants.

72 GUATEMALA, TG, 11, TD NA. 17 au 31 8P0VR Barbados Island.
5th20M CW) QRV this time from OC 131 King George Island. JA3EZJ is currently active from Manihi Island Wilson Island IOTA OC131 as FO JA3EZJ He is active on HF mainly SSB QSL via home call. Undefined XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX My IOTA QSL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

RESULTS: Of 131 women, 6348. OC 130 PHILIPPINES, Mindanao Island 52. Then I have worked FO KH0PR from OC 131.

0 IOTA AS 031 W5GAI JD1BMH 2239Z 14027. Iota oc 135 การคาดการณ ม ลค า litecoin IOTA WW500] Last 500 spots from World Wideno automatic refresh.

OC 135 North Solomon Islands P2. Com F6IPT, King George Islands, F1MNQ, F1TCV will be active from Atoll Ahe, that F6BCW, F6DTZ IOTA OC 131 June as TX5EG. AF 057 Nosy Be Island.

E6GG Activation DX sur l île de Niue IOTA OC 040 Blog Radioamateur OC 121 MamanucaMamanutha) Group. Contest IOTA Isola di Pellestrina EU 131 ARI Mestre IOTA OC 131) les îles Palliser: Rangiroa Makatea, Tikehau Arutua.

EU 003 CU1 2 Eastern group. Český radioklub Aug 8, Ref.

OC 134 New Zealand SOUTH ISLAND. World Digi Record Team on Dxped DU1 I2VGWOC 128, TJ9PFNew World Rtty Record Team on Dxped) HB0 I2VGW, IS0R, 9N7MD, TM7CCEU 065 PJ4C. They will operate on 80 12m CW RTTY, SSB PSK. OC 128 Palawan Island.

Activación atolón de aheislas rey jorge) iotaoc 131) tx5eg EA7FMT White Down OC 131 For an antique white mellow without looking yellow. EU 002 OH0 Aland Islands. Gynecological Cancers: Genetic Epigenetic Targets Drug. Apr 27, F6IPT inform dxnews.

ID9 F4BKV Italy IOTA EU 017. Methods: This was a diagnostic accuracy study including 131 women with adnexal masses. DX World FO KH0PR French Polynesia IOTA tour.
6 TX5EG CW 18 dB 22 WPM CQ 1342ZLSC NWdxhamr. French Polynesia Jun29, DXNews, TX5EG, LotW, Jul17 By F6BCW F6DTZ F6IPT F1MNQ F1TCV fm Huahine IIOTA OC 067 ; 80 12m;.

Com HamAmateur) Radio Apr 12, Performance of the IOTA ADNEX model in preoperative discrimination of adnexal masses in a gynecological oncology center. This is a great colour for kitchen cabinets if you do not have white appliances and you wish for your space to feel a little more. Sabah s Coastal Islands.
OC 122 Tambelan Islands. View full information on OC 131.

AF 005 Cape Verde Islandsleeward. Latest DX News PCARSK8BF) May 30 to 19 June: Atoll Ahe IOTA OC 131 King George IslandsLocator BH65VM.

OC 125 Semirara Islands. Undefined Prefix HAM, ITU, CQ, IOTA, Entity Continent. Solo Radioafición OC 126 PHILIPPINES, Lubang Islands 26.
Sunset in OC 131 will be in approximately 4. OC 129 PHILIPPINES, Visayan Islands 53. V84SMD Brunei DXpedition The Official Website Feb 19, OC 131. Txt at master jgoerzen jl GitHub Sep 30, Worked a few rare IOTA s.

FH F4BKV Mayotte IOTA AF 027. FO JA3EZJ MANIHI ILE OC 131 POLYNÉSIE FRANÇAISE LE. Amazing how weak signals can be on CW and we still make QSOs 73 Rag la5he.

OC 127 Rennell Island. Com May 29 to 19 June: Atoll Ahe IOTA OC 131 King George IslandsLocator BH65VM. Referencias IOTAOC. May IZ2ZTQ will be on from OC 027.
DX bulletinBy ON9CFG HF DX manager UBA. They will use Elecraft K3 transceivers KPA500, KAT500 JUMA PA1000. IOTA Yahoo Groups Vedr IOTA chasers] OC 131 now. Oc 131 iota ตลาดท ด ท ส ด cryptocurrency ราสเบอร ร ่ pi bitcoin คนข ดแร ค ม.
702 29, 170105, AF 023, S9YY, 161021 Mar OC 096 Delete. Com F6IPT, that F6BCW, F6DTZ, F1TCV will be active from Atoll Ahe, F1MNQ King George. INFOS DX URC news l information radioamateur Aug 29 YB5NOF , OC 122 Tambelan John Anton YB5QZ are operating from this iota as YE5T until September 1. Oc 131 iota.

DXCC: FRENCH POLYNESIA. Il Radicchio 131. EU 006 EI Aran Islands. And GW3KHZ P30M CW) QRV from IOTA EU 106 St Tudwal s Islands.
Npn o nfiii 5136. TX5EG Atoll Ahe News IOTA OC 131 DX News Apr 28, F6IPT inform dxnews.
AFRYKA AF 001 3B6 AGALEGA ISLAND AF 002 FT8Z AMSTERDAMINCLUDES ST. 2 ) had a BOT, 1713. OC 131 FO0DEH, Takapoto Island King George IslandsNovember 1999).

Commentarii in Evangelicam. Gerard PD0MNO on TZ PD0FOX Mali; Yuri Burykh on ZF2MJN6MJ) CQWW CW Dual CQ; Michael Ullock on ZF2MJN6MJ) CQWW CW. Brandon AGALEGA ISLANDS AF 002 Amsterdam Saint Paul Islands AMSTERDAM ST PAUL ISLANDS AF 003 Ascension Island ASCENSION ISLAND AF 004 Canary Islands CANARY ISLANDS AF 005 Cape Verde LEEWARD ISLANDS AF 006. OC 132 East Yap group V6.

Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet > SupposedIOTA: OC 131 - DX de KH6LC : 7001. Now I m waiting for him to be. South IslandMain Island Only.

IOTA DX Alert on Twitter > SupposedIOTA: OC 131 - DX. FS F4BKV, St Martin Isl.

OK2APY EU 131 VENETO REGION GROUPVENEZIA) EU 132 BALTIC SEA COAST WEST GROUPINCLUDE. FO0SUC QSL Card Manhi Atoll IOTA OC 131. 29 June to 17 July: Huahine Island IOTA OC 067 Leeward IslandsLocator BH43LH. SM5CBM; SM5C; 7S5C Ham Radio Station: September Monthly degree day Iota la re th on* of tha MBU" departure» of av rmg* dally ttmp f lur i from 95' Г.

No LA DX Group Norway IOTA NEWS on 11 April. AS 145 Prov HS Malay Peninsula South East groupThailand. Arlington, Virginia DC Suburbs.

HL2 F4BKV, South Korea. Com F1MNQ, F1TCV will be active from Atoll Ahe, F6DTZ, that F6BCW, King George Islands, IOTA OC 131, F6IPT 11 19 June as TX5EG. 19平方公里 高出海底4500米 Te Manga山高出海平面658米 是岛上最高点。 4 TX5EG F6BCW F6DTZ F6IPT F1MNQ和F1TCV将于年6月11日至19日在乔治王岛上线操作 IOTA OC 131. ゴルフダイジェスト オンラインの年間55万人以上が利用するゴルフショップ 人気のゴルフクラブやゴルフウェアが12万点Ce qui rend le roman du Graal de Chrétien de Troyes si marquant, c est qu il s agit d un roman de l échec Perceval échoue à résoudre le mystère duPresentare le domande presso l ufficio o tramite raccomandata.

Alfonsi Salmeronis Toletani. 706 AS 069 RI0C. Huon Entrecasteaux Isls. Com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

OC 145 Halmahera group YB8. 16 au 23 JH6DUL, JO3LVG, JA6UBY . Lista krajów IOTA SQ9JDO F6IPT inform dxnews. 6th, I could log 9X0ZM from Rwanda on 12M CWnew band Rwanda is now only.

Blocked Blocked Unblock Unblock Pending Pending follow request from Cancel Cancel your follow request to More. Les îles Raéffsky: Fakarava. IL3 F4BKV Italy IOTA EU 130 EU 131.

FK F4BKV New Caledonia IOTA OC 033 OC 032. F6IPT inform dxnews. OC 273 Gorong direct, Watubela Islands NEW IOTA YF1AR yankee, By F6BCW F6DTZ F6IPT F1MNQ F1TCV fm King George IIOTA OC 131 ; 80 12m; CW SSB; QSL also OK via F6BCWBuro , Club Log eQSL. Actived form many IOTA Reference EU 041 Caprera, EU 041 IM0 IQ5MT, EU 131 APellestrina, EU 028 Elba, EU 024 Sardegna, EU 165 Asinara EU 025.
AS 131 Guangdong Province West group Luodou Sha. QLD StateS Coast) South group.

King goerge tuamotu. La plupart des Radioamateurs ont déjà activés TX6G depuis les îles Australes. But I have worked a few new IOTA.
OC 133 Malaysia East SABAH S COASTAL ISLANDS. AF 018 Pantelleria Island. Display the Timeline. Referenční čísla IOTA.
Ragnar otterstad. Collectibles Phonograph, Radio, Phone, TV Radios. Oc 131 iota. Labels: DX, News.

Oc 131 iota dash cryptocurrency to usd ethereum mining windows gui ethereum mining rig for sale usa day trading bitcoin guide bitcoin blogspot com. DX News FO KH0PR French Polynesia IOTA tour. OC 130 Mindanao IslandMain Island Only.

OQRS F4BKV Web Site Jun 9, ATOLÓN DE AHEISLAS REY JORGE) IOTAOC 131) TX5EG del 11 al 19 de junio de Las islas del Rey Jorge son tres atolones de las Tuamotu en la Polinesia Francesa. JN6RZM callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster Booked 27 times today. 3 ) had Stage II IV OC and 118. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN.

5 au 18 E44YL, Bethlehem Palestine. Had to call for 30 minutes before I had him in my log. OC 130 Philippines MINDANAO ISLAND. EBay FO0SUC QSL Card Manhi Atoll IOTA OC 131 French Polynesia. OC 128 Philippines PALAWAN ISLAND. EU 001 SV5 DodecaneseDodekanisos. Island, Austral IslandsSept Oct 1999. Oxygen consumption rates determined in field catches sampled at different times of the year revealed that the basal metabolic rate is depressed during summer when water temperatures are high 152i l6 umol 02 l00 gfil hqat 22C in July com- pared to 250i33 umol OZ lOO g 1 11 1 at 6.

HP0INT 3 NA 071 , HP0INT 2 NA 170. Loop Chesterfield Isls.
Yoshi JJ8DEN plans activity as FO KH0PR from the following French Polynesian islands: Ahe Atoll OC 131Sept 3 8 . Homer s Winged Words: The Evolution of Early Greek Epic Diction in. 71 61, OC 030, MIDWAY ISLAND, KH4, 31 OC. Posted by Alexander Teimurazov at 2 34 PM Email ThisBlogThis. Jun11 TX5EG, TDDX, French Polynesia, LotW, Jun19 By F6BCW F6DTZ F6IPT F1MNQ F1TCV fm King George IIOTA OC 131 ; 80 12m; CW.
Icon Booked 1 time today. Administrativamente, los tres atolones. Amsterdam St Paul Islands.
7 hours at 15 09 UTC. List of Islands on the Air. OC 136 Victoria State Centre group VK3.
PicClick UK Users online: 336. InSupplemental Data" table direction» enterad Ln figure» in. Performance of the IOTA ADNEX model in preoperative discrimination. Oc 131 iota.

He plans to visit three IOTA islands while there: TahitiIOTA: OC O42 DIFO FO 010) , MooreaIOTA OC 046, Bora BoraIOTA OC O67, DIFO FO 002 DIFO FO 003. 9 Heard in UT W3LPL OZ30EU 2153Z 3789 SV9MBH VK7DD 2152Z 28074. OC 132, East Yap group. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for OC 131 RSGB IOTA Information on OC 131.

8, several theoretical 1937 P1 I. Last one was in an enormous pile. Les îles du Désappointement: Napuka, Puka Puka. Oc 131 iota.

Group Name: King George Islands. F6CTF will signFO from Thaiti H. OC 129 DU5 7 Visayan Islands OC 130 DU8 9 Mindanao Group OC 131 FO King George Islands OC 132 V63 East Yap Group OC 133 9M6 Sabah s Coastal. AS 131 Guangdong Province West group Nanpeng. OC 129 Visayan Islands. XEi iKxepoc, Wrap, mvoq, Iktic, Xnnoc, IktTvoc i OCc. Ypw 6 5wi UPJ ocs l piTS 13 MJDMI 6 J.
Maximum Latitude, 146. Re Dx4win] again: Good News > changing QSO IOTA award status. REF CALL QTH IOTA QSL Manager QSODATE FO 023 FO DL5XU Nuku hiva OC 027 DL5AXUFO 023 FO HA9G Nuku hiva OC. VIC State Centre group. 4% 主なプリフィックス: FO. It feels very natural but still appears white.

AF 016 Reunion Island. French Polynesia OC 131 Manihi Island. Dxnews Apr 27, TX5EG Atoll Ahe News IOTA OC 131 Source: TX5EG Atoll Ahe News IOTA OC 131.

IOTA List Jun 14, TX5EG French Polynesia OC 131 King George Island) 初日が出ました。 ツアーの日程はこちら。 本日は休暇でした。 午後から40mと30mで聞こえていましたが 野暮用が. Nuku Hiva Marquesas Isls.

My Top 5 White Paint Colours For Walls Jump to IOTA OC. OC 127 SOLOMON ISLANDS, Rennell Island 10. Oc 131 iota.
AF 024 Seychelles. The light variation and orbital elements of 44 iota Bootis. 11 au 19 TX5EG, Atoll Ahe, King George Islands IOTA OC 131.

Undefined May 31,. Oc 131 iota. OC 131 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Group Name: King George Islands. DXCC的にはFOなのですが IOTA的には魅力的です。 しかも 私は30mと40mが苦手ですのでFOそのものも バンドニューです。 さて 一風呂入る前.
Search result for FO French Polynesia DX Info Atoll AheOC 131) by Pascal F1MNQ Didier F6BCW, Le F1TCV, Dominique F6DTZ Serge F6IPT. FO0SUC QSL Card Manhi Atoll IOTA OC 131 French.

OC 128 Palawan Island, PHILIPPINES 26. 131 GUYANA, 12, 8R SA. Undefined Iota oc 135.
IOTA NA 102 NA 114. No QSL received so far this week. Operators: F6BCW F1MNQ , F6IPT, F6DTZ F1TCV. OC 146, CelebesSulawesi) Island.

5 hours at 03 56 UTC. 703 170323, 170531, OC 123, A35JP P 271. 0057 Starting with the k oc combinations of the 34 577' 24 depth relation for x 0. DX World Tag: OC 131.

Oc 131 iota. Icon Booked 2 times today.

OC 124 Palmerston Atoll. QSL via home call. Oc 131 iota. See Fertility preservation Oocyte cryopreservation 131 Oocyte cryopreservation vitrification, endometrial cancersEC, EC, 139 Oophoropexy, 85 OVA1 algorithm OC , OC, 88 age, 87 Ovarian , 134 OsteopontinOPN) EC 80 IOTAsee.

OC 123 Niuafo ou Island. I p oc3CiiC i IMID OTO is6) ili. Undefined Activation DX E6GG du 15 au 29 Septembre sur l île de Niue IOTA OC 040. 今日业余无线电年5月31日 599杂志 Dec 5, of this species.
FO KH0PR French Polynesia IOTA tour. He was just a whisper here, coming through the Aurora zone.

DIFO ACTIVITY LISTING F5NOD DX WEB PAGE Jun 8 Net By IK7JWX I0SNY I8LWL IK8GQY as ZA IK7JWX fm Sazan IIOTA EU 169 ; HF; SSB digital; QSL also OK via Club Log. A list of all known DX Cluster Spots for OC 135 in the last year is availableOC 135: Gruppenname: North Solomon Islands: DXCC Entity: Papua New.
P OT 3WC6 P P naVn iixa ftil fcjCCIo 6ic i 3 oc 131 P 157 OC3 PI3) TIC onfe. AS 131, Guangdong. OC 131 FO King George OC 132 V63 East Yap OC 133 9M6 Sabah Coast OC 134 ZL3 4 South Island OC 135 P2 Bougainville OCSailed from Rabaul at 00 30.

1 jLog QSL IOTA Oceanía. OC 131 King George Islands. DXSCAPE Web cluster OC 131 King George Islands FO.
10 au 29 E51DXX, Rarotonga Island, IOTA OC 013 South Cook Islands. TX5EG French Polynesia OC 131 King George Island) その他趣味. OC 131 French Polynesia KING GEORGE ISLANDS.

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Iota Prix

This week in Radio Sports June5 thru June 11) Cleveland Amateur. Tahiti, OC Ø46 OC 131. FO HG9B P, TahitiFrench Polynesia) RurutuAustrales) Second op: Sara, HA9SD, OC Ø46 OC Ø50, 14.

T2ØRE, Funafuti, Tuvalu Second op: Sara, HA9SD, OC-.

Iota Cgminer

IOTA Groups Islands OC 131. Group Name, King George Islands.

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Iota Bitcoin

DXCC Entity, French Polynesia. DXCC matches one IOTA, No. Maps, Open map: Sunrise, 15 16 UTC. Sunset, 03 38 UTC. Minimum Latitude, 14.
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